The Insanity of American Politics

Lets face I am an average man who reads the paper and the net so my insights or simple observations are typical and basic I cannot give a genuine historical basis for the political parties of today except to say slowly but surely  the Democrats and Republicans have lost their way . If you talk to an individual they sound reasonable. Anyway I am not going into the painful details we all know. Perhaps the most obivious thing is the income disparity followed closely by the tragic loss of morality and ethics in the gambling/banking/investment sector. Politicians always will fight over whats first, whats the worst and who is to blame. Of course the disease has grown far beyond this petty stuff the disease has become institutionalized, part of our DNA. Celebrity gets way more airtime then poverty and war. Humanity/empathy has become a skill/trade we need to teach and teach seriously in school and at home. And this is just to begin with.



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